NVIDIA Launches their new 20 series graphic card – 50% faster than gtx 1080 ti!!

Hey guys this is Rishab ,so lets talk about nvidia’s new futuristic jaw dropping graphics card the all new rtx 20 series thats about to launch in india and the prebookings are started already. Nvidia is doing a great job by providing the best graphic cards in the world , and its previous gen gtx 10 series had no competitors except amd radeon .


4K 30 fps is a history as nvidia launched their new 20 series graphic card which could be a slice through butter for it, as it can handle almost every AAA title games with a blasting 4k 144hz 120 fps which would be an amazing gaming experience for all those rich gamers outside…


NVIDIA launches :

1) RTX 2080ti  (84,606 inr)

2) RTX 2080 (56,404 inr)

3)RTX 2070 (42,276 inr)




A screen shot from Battle field 5 with rtx 2080ti on


nvidia says rtx 2080ti is almost 50% faster than than the previous gtx 1080 ti and it seems to be true…i mean just look at the graphics in picture above…amazing right? . Every gamers are happy with this product as the previous gen gtx 10 series price has gone down that’s kinda affordable for most gamers  who is happy and satisfied with 60fps gaming experience…


Benchmark of the new rtx 20 series

so as per the benchmark scored by rtx 2080ti we could obviously say that this bad boy is light years ahead of its competitors and it’s amazing! yeah…the future of the gaming is right here…

A screen shot from Battlefield 5 cut scene.

rtx 20 series shows even a very minute graphic detail in an amazing way. so at this moment nvidia fan boys are rejoicing as the previous powerful graphic card prices has gone down or they could just go for the new rtx 20 series…let us know in the comments if you are gonna pre order this legendary graphic card or you could just click on the link below to book your all new rtx 20 series…


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