PUBG:How to create your own game like PUBG?

Welcome guys!You reached here only because you are loving the PUBG and you must be a serious PUBG gamer(me too…).

Today,You will know about how the pubg game is developed and what Game Engine was used by it.At the end you have a knowledge about how to begin the game developer life…

Everybody likes the game and loves to play it.But not every game is liked by everyone.What’s the reason some games are highly reached in short time??

The answer is  its uniqueness.

Games like:

  • Subway surfers.
  • Temple run
  • Mini miltia
  • Bomb squad
  • PUBG

These games are become famous without any promotion in short time only because of its unquiness.

Ok let come to the point:)

A successful game must have following features:

  • Trendy
  • Curious to play
  • Best graphics(UI)
  • Easily adaptable by every one
  • Creative concept
  • And so on….

The  Players Unknown Battle Ground possess the every feature I pointed…

About PUBG:

Developed by

Developer: Brendan Greene

Game engine:

If you have no idea about game engine just take a break here.

Game engines are nothing but, just an environment to develope a games.

To develope the game like Players Unknown Battle Ground you must need the following requirement:

First you need to understand that these type of games are not developed by single person.

  • Passion and Patience(Must)
  • Creative team
  • Coding team
  • Photography team
  • Financial team
  • Grahical team
  • Marketing team(Not needed if above teams are strong enough)

Every team members must strong and creative in their respective field.

If you have your own idea,join a gaming company.Develope your skill in your specialised area .Start a project ..years may go…don’t loose hope…One we world will play your game…⚡

Join together,win together!!!

Do you want more information about Gaming.Click here!!

Thank you…

Happy gaming…..

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  1. i am willing to joint a gaming company
    i am sure i will make it if i have a support,is there any one to help me and even this website can find peoples like these

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