Google maps has introduced one of the best new features:Visual Positioning System(VPS) for Google maps navigation which is to be updated soon.Google Maps can now use your camera to identify your surroundings, visually communicate your route right in front of your eyes.

To use the new Visual Positioning System (VPS), you simply fire up the camera in Google Maps and look around. Google will collate data from Street View, your location and the phone’s compass to give you a visual indicator of where to go. You point your camera at an intersection and you’ll see a virtual arrow pointing you to the right path.

The most interesting one is the Augmented Reality(AR).When doing navigation, superimposed arrows will appear at each turn, making it harder to misinterpret directions. The company is even experimenting with inserting animated characters such as a fox, which would remove any doubt and make the app more entertaining.

Introduction of VPS in Google I/O 2018:

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