Multi Camera Gimmick Vs Software Innovation

Is Single Camera Better Than Multi Camera ?

Huawei’s P20 Pro Was The Front Runner To Sport A Triple Rear Mounted Camera. It Started The Trend Of Triple Camera Setup Followed By Samsung’s A7, Huawei’s Mate 20 Series & Samsung’s A9 (Quad Camera).

Dual Camera:-

We Have Seen Dual Camera Setups In Many Smartphones.  Here One Lense Acts As A Primary Camera And Another Acts Mostly As A Depth Sensor/Telephoto Lense. Depth Sensor Is Used To Keep The Subject In Focus And Blurs Out The Background To Provide Images Like Captured Digital Cameras. This Blur Effect Can Also Be Achieved Through Single Camera Using The Edge Detecting Software.


Triple/Quad Camera:-

   Increasing Triple Camera Setup In Smartphones Shows That This May Be The Trend Of Upcoming Smartphone Cameras. As usual A Primary Camera, A Wide Angle Camera And A Telephoto Lense (Optical Zoom). Wide Angle Camera Zooms Out The Picture And Captures The Image With Wide View. Telephoto Lense Provides Optical Zooming Which Produces Sharper And Less Noised Image While Zoomed In.


Single Camera (Gcam):-

   Here Comes The Most Challenging Single Camera Setup Which Works More With The Software Department. Pixel 3XL, Iphone XR Are Few Smartphones That Sports Only A Single Camera And Provide Quality Images. They Provide Only Digital Zooming Which Is More Near To The Optical Zooming And Provide Portrait Shots Without The Help Of Depth Sensors And Works Fine.


The Software Implementation Using Single Camera Has Came A Long Way And Developers Need To Be Appreciated. The Portrait & Night Sight Mode In Google Pixel Devices Makes Us Believe That Single Camera With A Perfect Software Is Enough To Capture Perfect Images. Even Though Single Camera Can Be Implemented Well It Cannot Be Compared With Multiple Camera Setup Which Supports Wide Angle, Optical Zooming, Greater Edge Detection & Greater Low Light Shots. And Atlast, Even Though We Feel Gimmicky The Multi Camera Setup Is The Winner In Terms Of Features It Offers.

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