Window 11 Expected Features

Since the launch of Windows 8 users have been facing one problem which is very annoying at times. After booting the computer directly opens with the start screen and not the desktop. Though it takes a fraction of a second to go to the desktop from the start screen, but Windows users, specially the desktop users would be happy to directly boot in to the desktop page. The touch screen users finds it easy to move from start screen to desktop, but it is not so with the desktop users. The next OS must come with an option to customize this particular feature according to the whims of the users. we can download shareit for windows 7.

Easily Accessible Power Option

In Windows 8 and its successive versions, power option is present in the charms bar that floats in when the cursor is brought to sides of the screen. This is really difficult for the new users to locate. Therefore, we would like to see the power option in the Start Menu itself in Windows 11.

Remove Screen Lock

Though this feature is very useful for the tablet users, it is a real hazard for the desktop users. We would like Windows 11 to come with such customization that though screen locking is available for the tablet users, it would not be available to the desktop users. Or else desktop users might be given the option of locking the screen from the task bar

Windows 11 Concept

All these being said, we can’t miss this particular fact that we have been hearing from sometime. Those who miss the user friendly features of Windows 7, good news is that the next generation OS from Microsoft is going to bear similarities with that. So if have been yearning to get back all the super user friendly features of Windows 7, then you would not be disappointed with Windows 11 at all.

We will keep updating more about Windows 11 as soon as we get to know more. Till then, keep sharing your thoughts in the comments section so that we can get a far more user friendly Windows 11.

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